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Amenities Committee

The Amenities Committee undertakes projects to enhance the local environment and to support and promote local services.  The work of the Committee involves:

  • 5 noticeboards, several seats and benches around the Parish and two bus shelters.

  • Care of the War Memorial, a Grade II Listed Building.

  • A litter warden working 40 hours a month to keep the main roads tidy and road signs clean.

  • The Parish Street Map.

  • Finchampstead allotments.

  • Floral displays for the California crossroads area.

The members of the Amenities Committee are :Cllr Mrs Chris Driver (Chair)
  Cllr Steve Bowers (Vice Chair)
  Cllr Mrs Becky Eytle
  Cllr Mrs Nancy Jennings-Frisby
  Cllr Jim May
  Cllr Andy Pearce
  Cllr Gordon Veitch
Contact details for all Parish Councillors can be found by clicking here.  
Amenities Minutes
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