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Photo Gallery

California Crossroads Nine Mile Ride Nine Mile Ride Post Office 1905
California Crossroads 1930's NMR near to the Country Park Kingsmere Lake in the 1930's The Post Office 1905
The Queen's Oak Wellingtonia Avenue The Ridges Tally Ho
Queen's Oak in the 1920's Wellingtonia Avenue in the 1920's The Rides (Close to the triangulation point with Wellingtonia Avenue) The Tally Ho - looking back towards Fleet Hill and Vann House
Wellingtonia Avenue Haymakers - Manor Farm California Country Park  
Wellingtonia Avenue - the Sequoia trees were planted in 1863 to celebrate the life of the Duke of Wellington
Haymakers at Manor Farm. At the turn of the century most of Finchampstead's residents were involved with agriculture California Pavillion in the 1930's (It had a glass floored Ballroom)