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Finchampstead Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Are you interested in the future of Finchampstead?

Finchampstead is a great place to live and work now but what do you want it to be like in 5, 10 or 15 years time?  Although at times we may feel that such things are out of our hands, there is a way in which we can have some direct control over the future of our community - through producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan to map out the future of the Parish.

In 2035 families living in the distinct communities that make up Finchampstead Parish will be able to enjoy the benefits of life in a pleasant, well-serviced semi-rural environment.
They will live in vibrant and thriving neighbourhoods with a good range of housing, shops, schools and community services. They, and the many visitors who come from outside the Parish, will continue to be able enjoy excellent leisure and recreational activities offered by our local countryside.
We will have ensured that new development complements and preserves the identity of our distinct neighbourhoods and protects our countryside assets and the essential semi-rural quality of life in the Parish.

In short, our vision is to embrace the need for change and to meet the expanding need of a growing population whilst protecting
those important things that have attracted generations of people to choose Finchampstead as a place to live and bring up their families.

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Minutes of the Finchampstead Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group can be found below:

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9 April 2019 Minutes
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