parish office: 0118 908 8164
fax: 0118 932 8256



Wokingham Borough Council produces a Public Transport Map and Guide, and a detailed Travel Guide with information on bus, train and coach services. Copies are available from the Borough Council Offices at Shute End, Wokingham (Telephone 0118 974 6000) or from the Parish Council Office.

The MyJourneyWokingham website is a new one stop destination for travel information and advice in and around Wokingham Borough, from cycling and walking to public transport and live travel information.  Follow this link.

Thames Travel: 

National Traveline:

National Rail Enquiries

The Finchampstead Street Map is a useful local guide. For a free copy please contact the Parish Council Office. A footpath map is also available.

Assistance with transport to hospital and other medical appointments may be available through the Wokingham Volunteer Centre. Tel. 0118 9770749 or email

Community Trips: Trips run every other wednesday from Billing Avenue to various locations for shopping, lunch or entertainment.  The service is provided by Readibus and is suitable for the less mobile.  For further information please contact the Parish Council on 0118 9088164.  

A transport toolkit offering advice on everything from improving local travel choices, encouraging walking and cycling and car sharing, and reducing problems such as traffic noise and signage clutter is available at

"Horse Sense for Motorists" is a useful leaflet produced by the British Horse Society.  You can download a copy here