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Finchampstead Conservation Area and Listed Buildings


Finchampstead Conservation Area

Conservation Areas are designated for their special architectural and historic interest. Finchampstead has one Conservation Area, centred around St James' Church. A leaflet can be found here

Special efforts are made by Wokingham Borough Council to ensuring those elements forming the area's character or appearance are preserved or enhanced, especially when considering planning applications.

Listed Buildings

Buildings are listed and given statutory protection because of their special architectural or historic interest. Buildings can be listed for a number of reasons including: 

- Their age or rarity

 - Being a good example of an innovative building technique

 - Because it forms part of a picturesque group

 - Because of its association with a famous person or notable event.

Listed Building Consent is needed for works to a building that would alter its special architectural or historic interest. For more information about the listing of buildings please visit the English Heritage website.  Information about Listed Buildings and Structures in Finchampstead can also be found on this site.